Hey you, how are you?
I hope youˋre having a good day!

Here we go:
My name is LEA


L - London, England

london, travel, and city image light, london, and Big Ben image

E - Edinburgh, Scotland

Temporarily removed light, castle, and photography image

A - Augsburg, Germany

Temporarily removed cold, grey, and scenary image


L - Lavender

purple, wallpaper, and background image flowers, blue, and purple image

E - Emerald

sea, water, and blue image snake, green, and aesthetic image

A - Aquamarine

turtle, animal, and summer image water, summer, and blue image


L - Lion

lion, animal, and black and white image Image removed

E - Eagle

eagle and nature image Image by Fred

A - African Elephant

elephant, animal, and nature image africa, animals, and funny image


L - Loving someone ; the 1975

Lyrics, music, and loving someone image colors, concert, and music image

E - Everyday ; Ariana Grande ft Future

black, dark, and everyday image clouds, everyday, and sky image

A - A.M ; One Direction

gif, Lyrics, and quotes image music, one direction, and made in the am image


L - La casa de papel

la casa de papel image money heist and la casa de papel image

E - Élite

netflix, elite, and marina image elite, netflix, and cast image

A - American Horror Story

ahs, american horror story, and wallpaper image Temporarily removed


L - Love, Simon

alternative, caption, and indie image love simon image

E - E.T

e.t. image et and movie image

A - Aladdin (1992)

disney, love, and aladdin image disney, aladdin, and wallpaper image


L - Lady Gaga

Lady gaga and black and white image actress, art, and beauty image

E - Emma Watson

Image by ℒŮℵẴ Image by ℒŮℵẴ

A - Ariana Grande

fashion, girl power, and Givenchy image fashion, girl power, and Givenchy image


L - Lasagna

lasagna, lasagna recipe, and non-veg image aesthetic, cheese, and food image

E - Enchiladas

food image Temporarily removed

A - Avocado toast

food, avocado, and coffee image food, avocado, and healthy image


L - Laos

waterfall, Laos, and kwang si image travel, places, and water image

E - Egypt

Image by hromiranaruza egypt, mosque, and travel image

A - Austria

austria, beautiful, and boat image adventure, travel, and architecture image

Thatˋs it. I hope you enjoyed it.