Hi everyone! A while ago I posted an article about my favourite movies of each year from the 90s, and today I'm gonna do the same with the 80s! We start with 1980 and go till 1989.
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1980: The Shining

shelley duvall, The Shining, and film image The Shining, movie, and shining image murder, grunge, and redrum image Image removed

1981: Body Heat

Image removed
could only find 1 pic of it on here :( but it was really good!

1982: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

et, movie, and kiss image 1980s, alien, and et image Image by nah_momo et, funny, and movie image

1983: The Outsiders

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It johnny, 50s, and 60s image

1984: A Nightmare on Elm Street

Image removed Image removed johnny depp, a nightmare on elm street, and nancy thompson image freddy krueger, horror, and horror movies image

1985: The Breakfast Club

movie, The Breakfast Club, and 80s image Image removed Image by 𝒦𝓊𝓅𝒸𝒶𝓀𝑒 (๑ •_• ๑)♡” The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80s image

1986: Stand By Me

stand by me and chris chambers image weird, quotes, and boy image stand by me and river phoenix image stand by me, nature, and vintage image

1987: Dirty Dancing

dirty dancing, dancing, and dance image Image by Farida dirty dancing, movie, and jennifer grey image dirty dancing image

1988: Midnight Run

robert de niro and midnight run image
this movie is also so unknown that i could only find 1 pic of it on here, but it is SO good. it has everything: crime, action, humour, love AND robert de niro.

1989: Dead Poets Society

dead poets society, boy, and movie image robin williams, quotes, and life image dead poets society, movie, and robin williams image 80s, aesthetic, and alternative image

Thanks for reading!