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so i decided to make a part 2 and those are some types of people to school.
Let's start then.

1.The music maker

boy, guitar, and aesthetic image
He makes music and is that aesthetic boy that every girl likes but he isn't interested on others but just on that one girl, that inspires him to make music but nobody else knows.

2.The two best friends

friends, girl, and friendship image
They are there for each other every time and they know everything for one another.

3. The social media obsessed

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
you are seeing her everytime taking photos and looking on fleek cause she will post those photos on insta. She posts at least once a day.

4. The one that is always early

Image by Brutal Fantasy
they hate to be late so to make sure they will be ready on time they start to get ready early.

5. The one that skips classes

boy and stairs image
is never on mood for cllas and creates stupid reasons to skip class.

6. The siblings

brother, goals, and siblings image
The siblings that stay together and are goals for others

7. The couple

couplegoal, couple, and holidays image
Come on now. On every school that is a couple that stays together strong, even for years.

8. The teacher pet

brazil, celebrity, and famous image
she tells everything to the teacher so that she can get a better grade

9. Girl obsessed with boys

girl, smile, and black and white image
she has a new crush every hour.

10. Fuckboy

attractive, boyfriend, and boys image
Do i even have to explain this? He fucks with the first girl that is in front to him so don;t get close to him.

So this was the second part. There might be other types of people to school but those were the ones that i had in my mind.

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