Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Things are changing. I can feel it.
1:22 AM

Are you not feeling well?
1:23 AM

You never show your true emotions. It’s hard sometimes to know if your sad or happy. Why are making it so hard for yourself?
1:24 AM

Don’t make life so difficult for yourself. Share your problems with people you trust and I am sure you will live better. Don’t just bottle up everything inside. It's bad for your heart.
1:25 AM

I hope whatever problems you have, get solved.
1:26 AM

I feel happy when my article is made into favourites.
1:27 AM

People are bad. This world is not for those with a weak heart. You have to fight every day to live. And the fight is not with everyone but with yourself.
1:28 AM

Sadness is everywhere. Do you really think things will get better one day? Do you think we can live happily after facing all the struggles?
1:30 AM

Your dreamy eyes and a simple smile makes me wonder what is actually going on in your heart and mind.
1:36 AM

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