Inspired by

๐’œ - Animals

cat, animal, and white image dog, animal, and cute image

๐ต - Books

autumn, coffee, and fall image book, candle, and autumn image

๐’ž - Clouds

sky, pink, and purple image clouds, sky, and pink image

๐’Ÿ - Dark

hands, stars, and photography image crescent, earth, and moon image

๐ธ - Eyes

makeup, beauty, and glitter image eyes, yellow, and aesthetic image

๐น - Family

autumn, light, and fall image family, lights, and night image

๐’ข - Galaxy

galaxy, space, and stars image aesthetic, quotes, and black image

๐ป - History

abs, boy, and grunge image aesthetic, art, and lips image

๐ผ - Inspiration

Temporarily removed Image by Jana Be

๐’ฅ - Journey

car, vintage, and travel image travel, nature, and adventure image

๐’ฆ - Knowledge

knowledge image Temporarily removed

๐ฟ - Laughter

smile, happy, and black and white image aesthetic, blue, and blurry image

๐‘€ - Music

yellow, girl, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed

๐’ฉ - Notebook

journal, aesthetic, and drawing image aesthetic, brown, and book image

๐’ช - Ocean

Temporarily removed blue, aesthetic, and ocean image

๐’ซ - Pie

aesthetic image food, pie, and cake image

๐’ฌ - Quiet

Emily Blunt, films, and horror image Image removed

๐‘… - Rain

rain, green, and quotes image aesthetic, calm, and candles image

๐’ฎ - Summer

pink, shell, and aesthetic image Image removed

๐’ฏ - TV shows

the walking dead and negan image Abusive image

๐’ฐ - Unicorn

aesthetic, white, and ideally image Temporarily removed

๐’ฑ - Vintage

girl, vintage, and aesthetic image vintage, red, and quotes image

๐’ฒ - Writing

book, glasses, and writing image vintage, aesthetic, and Letter image

๐’ณ - Xmas

christmas, girl, and holiday image christmas, winter, and Cookies image

๐’ด - Youth

Image removed friends, grunge, and night image

๐’ต - zzz

Temporarily removed Image by selmafrantzen