Hey guys! So as you can see, I'm new with the whole posting-articles thing. I've been on WeheartIt for years now, but I usually just like pictures for them to appear on my canvas. But I thought why not? Why not post some of my own content here? (ofc pics do not belong to me unless I say so) Have a birthday, anniversary, graduation coming up? Here it is:

10 Affordable, Cute Things to get Your BF/GF

1. 100 Language Projection Necklace: You literally shine light through the lens and on the wall, you will see projections of “I love you” in a 100 different languages. How cool!! Of course, you can get them all sorts of other jewelry, too.

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2. Couples Key chains: There are tons of couple key chains that you can pick from. Key chains are awesome because you can literally take the key chain anywhere you go. And you can get couples key chains from anywhere. I personally use Ebay and Amazon. They can range anywhere from $1 to how much you are willing to spend. Some even let you engrave them for free.

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3. Couples T-Shirts or outfits: Who wouldn’t wanna twin with their lover? I just find couples t-shirts so cute. You can literally get them anywhere.

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4. Merchandise of what Your BF/GF love: This can range from getting them a poster to a hoodie to concert or movie tickets. Like if someone gives me backstage tickets to see Harry Styles. Oof. I’m going to cry.

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5. Engraved Trophy: Yes, you can give your bf/gf a trophy with free engraving. I only have like one trophy hehe so receiving another would be goals. Imagine getting or giving a trophy that says : World’s Greatest BF/GF. (Also it doesn’t have to be a trophy. You can engrave bracelets, watches, rings, and other things too!)

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6. Personalized things: Send a picture of you and your lover and get your faces on things such as phone cases, pop sockets, necklaces, mugs, bags, shirts, plates, mouse pads, pocket knives, and more. The list is endless!

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7. Lotion/ Perfume/ Cologne: Smelling nice is so attractive.

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8. A book that they really want to read: Yes, people still read, gosh. Well, I hope they do. (Triftbooks is a great option to buy cheap books)

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9.Food: Who wouldn’t want a box of chocolate, Chipotle, cheesecake. Yumm. Maybe cook them a meal 🙂

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10. Homemade things: If you know knitting, knit your significant other a sweater or gloves. Make them a scrapbook, which includes all your adventures in it. Maybe write them a poem or a book. Maybe make them a card and write how much you love them. Maybe you can sing like Harry Styles and write them a song and sing it to them. Homemade items are thoughtful and so cute.

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