One Day in December by Josie Silver.

From the descriptions of the book to the picture. I give the people from the book a face. Have fun.

Briefly to the content: The protagonist, Laurie, meets Jack at a bus stop, it was love at first sight, but they've lost each other. Laurie searched for him for a whole year until she found him at some point. But that's not how she had imagined it...


Protagonist and Jack´s Girlfriend

girl, beauty, and hair image Temporarily removed
coffee, iphone, and apple image london, Big Ben, and england image

Best Friend of the Protagonist

fashion, girl, and hat image fashion, dress, and bag image
australia, travel, and map image camara, ka, and kamara image

Protagonist and Laurie´s Boyfriend

boy, cute, and Hot image Temporarily removed
scotland, city, and edinburgh image microphone image

Laurie´s Ex-Friend

audi, blonde, and boy image abs, fit, and Hot image
architecture, beautiful, and belgium image Temporarily removed

Sarah´s Boyfriend

body, boy, and boys image Temporarily removed
beach, friends, and summer image eye, tattoo, and drawing image

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