10 College Necessities

Everyone knows of the basics – paper, pencils, calculator, bedding, etc. Today, I thought I would share some of the things I wish I had thought of when shopping for supplies for the big college move.
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1 | a fan

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Most dorms, and apartments around colleges, don’t have air conditioning. Even though you might think you can deal with the heat – you can’t. You don’t have to buy a huge fan if you don’t want, but at least a desk fan to move the air around. You’ll thank me.

2 | microwaveable plate and bowl

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When you’re just going for the cheap things, sometimes you forget that there are things that cannot go into the microwave. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t eat microwaveable food, being able to heat up previously cooked meals can be important.

Pro Tip: (At least in the US) there are microwaveable plates and bowls at the dollar store.

3 | mini toolkit

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There will be things you need to tighten or hammer and it’s great being able to just have the tools on hand. Most likely there will be a situation where you need to put together a small table or you are allowed to hang things up with nails. It’s also useful to keep in your car if you have one.

4 | water filter

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Now I have been able to get away without getting one, but now that I have one, the water is so much better tasting. If you’re not picky or think all water tastes the same, you can skip this. But after three years of drinking tap water, I’m through with it.

5 | flashlight

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There are flashlights now located on our phones, but it is useful to have one and put it in your toolkit. There could be times the power goes out, either if you live on campus (looking at you my university), or off it, and you will want to conserve your phone battery. You could even invest in a battery-powered lamp if you are so inclined. Doing homework by flashlight isn’t the easiest way to complete it.

6 | lap desk

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Having one of these has definitely saved my legs from being burnt by my computer many a time. They’re also nice if you decide to study on the floor or on your bed (don’t recommend, but who’s perfect and always studies at a table?), so you have a hard surface to work on. I’ve also used mine for my coloring breaks.

7 | reusable water bottle / reusable coffee cup

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Both can be incredibly useful. Running from class to class makes you thirsty, and you don’t always have time to find a water fountain. Also, if you drink coffee or tea, it’s a great way to bring your own from home in the mornings, if you have morning classes. All the coffee places on my campus also give discounts for people who have their own reusable cups.

8 | portable charger & charging cable

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I don’t know how many times I’ve forgotten to bring my charger and at the end of the day my phone is nearly dead and I have to walk home in the dark. Not fun. When I have my portable charger, I feel safer, plus if it gets charged during class, I can rock out to some tunes or watch Netflix between my classes.

9 | first aid kit

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You can either buy a premade one or make one of your own. You need bandages, healing cream, gauze, safety pins, and some other basic supplies. There are tons of lists online that can help you create one. You are no doubt going to get a papercut or trip and fall, so having these supplies prepared sets you up for easy healing. You’ll also become the hero of your apartment or dorm floor since most likely no one else thought of doing this.

10 | power strip with USBs

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They now make surge protectors (aka power strips) with USBs as well as normal plugs. This makes it way easier to charge and plug in all your things since you don’t have to try and remember to bring extra plugs for your USBs.

I hope this short guide gave you at least 1 item you hadn’t thought of getting! College can be a challenging time, but being prepared can make the challenges less daunting.

Good luck! I know you’ll crush it :)

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