Bonjour, everyone! This is my article for "Where I'm From" series. Despite my greetings and farewells being in French, I was born and raised in sunny California. Southern California to be exact. This article will be about my favorite things about living in the Golden State, as well as some general information. Enjoy! :)

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General Information

California is the 31st state in the United States of America. With nearly 40 million residents, it is the most populated U.S. state. California is separated in counties, groups of multiple cities. Some notable ones are Los Angeles county, which consists of L.A., Hollywood, Burbank, Santa Monica, and more. There's also Orange County, which is where I live. There's Orange, as well as Anaheim, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, and Newport Beach, and more.

State Flower

flowers, nature, and field image
California Poppy

A lot of things CA is known for being in the southern region, such as the beaches, Los Angeles/Hollywood, and...


disney and disneyland image
Disneyland Resort, Anaheim (I can hear and get a decent view of the fireworks from my house!)
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Disney California Adventure, Anaheim (proud Annual Passholder of the former and latter!)
aesthetic, california, and date image
Knott's Berry Farm, Buena Park
aesthetic, bp, and hollywood image
Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal City (I've never actually gone there, but I'm dying to someday)
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Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, Santa Clarita

And a number of great water parks as well!

california and knotts soak city image
Knott's Soak City, Buena Park
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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Valencia, Santa Clarita
los angeles, usa, and sacramento image
Raging Waters, San Dimas


  • SoCal = Southern California ("I live in SoCal")
  • OC = Orange County ("I live in OC")
  • June Gloom = an overcast day in June ("We're having June Gloom right now")
  • Santa Ana Winds/Santa Anas = harsh, hot, dry winds. They're named after the city of Santa Ana but come from the Great Basin. ("Ugh, the Santa Anas are blowing")

I hate this weather. I usually feel it coming when I walk out of the house early in the morning for school. Not much wind is blowing yet, but I know it's going to be a rough day when I can feel an overwhelming amount of dry air surrounding me. I swear, I can reach my hand out to the static in the air that will later make my hair all frizzy and make my clothes stick to myself throughout the day. It gets so annoying!

  • Butthurt = to be upset over a small thing ("Don't be butthurt")
  • Hella/Freakin' = emphasizes something, either in a positive or negative light ("That movie was hella awesome!" "This food is freakin' terrible")
  • Whack = crazy ("Stranger Things 3 is whack")
  • Bop = a good song ("That new Katy Perry song is such a bop")
  • Slaps = similar to bop ("That new Katy Perry song slaps")

My Favorite Singer

katy perry image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed katy perry image

Yep, the California Gurl herself, Katy Perry! At this point, it's not a surprise I'm obsessed with her, but oh well. Born in Santa Barbara, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is known as one of the greatest female artists of all time with her groundbreaking bops, including "California Gurls" of course!


I might not be a beach person (I prefer the pool), though I can't help but admit the beaches here are beautiful

Laguna Beach, princess castle, and dream destinations image
Laguna Beach (my mom's favorite)
aesthetic, dusk, and huntington beach image
Huntington Beach
pier, beach, and california image
Newport Beach

(Kinda) Debunking California Stereotypes
(I'm not claiming any of these as facts, these are just my own personal thoughts)

Longboarding and surfing all day

Personally, I don’t (Well, I did surfing a couple of times with small waves a few years ago and it was pretty fun), and I don’t really know anyone else who does, but that’s probably because I live about a half-hour away from the beach. I suppose it depends on the person. But I definitely see some when I go to the beach.

Living on In n Out Burger

I meannnn...In n Out is good, and if you’re visiting California for the first time, it’s definitely worth it, but I believe there are better burgers out there. Ones from Paul’s Place, Disneyland, and Red Robin are my favorites. I just prefer my patty to be really juicy and the previously stated restaurants do juicy exceptionally well. But INO is still tasty and is certainly very popular here for a reason.

Every Californian has a tan I am pale. And so are a lot of my other friends. Again, this is probably because we don’t live that close to the beach.

All Californians are rich

Granted, the real estate here is really expensive, but not everyone lives in a mansion or anythin’. I think people outside of CA believe this from shows like The O.C. and The Real Housewives of Orange County and Beverly Hills, which depict high-class people. Yeah, that’s not really us. But the respective shows aren’t supposed to represent every single Californian, but I don’t blame people for believing this stereotype.


Ok, I’m kinda guilty of this. I usually say it as a replacement for “Shhh” or “Quiet down” when my friend is being loud in a public area. Other times I say it in a stern tone of voice when they say something inappropriate. Kind of like “show some class”. I don’t know, just somethin’ like that. Other times, my friends and I will drop it during conversation once in a while.

I hope this article gave you some insight into California and what makes it special. Au revoir! - Liv 🦋✨


This article was written by @legendarylovin on the We Heart It Writers Team