At school, we don't want to wear a lot of makeup, but we still want to look put together and presentable. I thought I would share some makeup products that are perfect for back to school

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BB cream is great for school. It's natural and lightweight. And it's not as heavy as foundation. I don't think foundation is even necessary for everyday.
So BB cream is great for evening skin tone and concealing little imperfections, that you may have.


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Bronzer is a great way to make you look more bronzed, obviously, but just have a healthy and glowing look to your face.
It's also great way to make your face look more sculptured and defined. Jut make sure to find the best shade for your skintone.


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Mascara is great for making you look more alive. Trust me this is an essential for those early mornings, when I look like a zombie.
If I had to choose one makeup product, then macara would be it.


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I used to don't like blush, but now I think it looks really good, and gives you a youthful look.


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Highlighters are so much fun! They just add to your face the needed glow. And it instantly makes you look so much better.
There are different kinds of highlighters, so you don't have to use a blinding one or a subtle one, if you don't want to.


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And finally, the last must have. We don't want dry and crusty lips, so you should have a lip balm in your bag at all times.
Also, there are soo many different scents now. There are some yummy smelling ones, which is a bonus.

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know your school makeup essentials.

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Love, Karina.