'You can't win the devil's game.'

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Straight raven-black hair and eyes. When her gifts are used, her eyes change to the same colours as her husband's.
"Lucifer had tried to take her soul before but devastatingly failed as she gave it to the other prince of hell, to make it worse- she married him, the silver serpent prince." - Jeremiah
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Often wears black and silver as a tribute to Lucien, sometimes Chryseis would wear blues. Adorned with sapphire/emerald accessories.
"The actual truth is not known, all traces of her existence in this world was erased. Many speculate it is because she is dead in the hands of Lucien, but on the contrary- she is alive and well."
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She took Lucien's pet serpent newborn into her care and she has never left her side since. Chryseis never took off her wedding ring, the couple often goes to war and hunts together.
They were the exact opposite, it was expected for the two to part ways but they have never parted from each other for too long, much to Lucifer's dismay.
+ Home
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Some areas in the castle were renovated to look exactly like Chryseis home.
+ Castle grounds
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The castle ground was enchanted for trees to grow and rivers to flow, mystical creatures were kept safe and keep Chryseis happy as she cares for them.
+ Merlette's home
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Mortal realm home.
"If it wasn't for Lilith I wouldn't have been where I am now, she saved me from that monstrous prince, I would fight for her, Lucien." - Chryseis
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Lucien - Husband.
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Aster & Jezebeth - Friends .
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Priestess of the creed - Followers.
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Lilith - Friend & Mentor.
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Lucifer - Ascentor & ex-fiancé.
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The angel of death.
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The fair-folk queen (Mortal realm).
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The maiden of Merlette's creed.
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The Merlette household.
"I had a content life before all of this, I had a mother who would scold and comfort me, a sister to take care after and guide, a brother who would tease and care for us every day. We were happy, even when we knew of my ability. We never thought of the chaos that might come with it, we thought it would be alright as long as we keep it to ourselves. But all of that changed when the man with hair dark as night came riding through our city."
"Don't be mistaken, I wouldn't change a thing, Lucien is kind- kinder than any demon could be, I truly love and care for him. But I would love to get the chance to meet my family, to let them know that I'm alright, to not worry for my well being, to move on and be happy as they once did. Maybe even introduce Lucien to them- it's a hopeless dream but it's not a sin to dream of how things could be."
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This OC is still under development for a book I'm still working on. If I'm publishing it and there's a lot of changes, I might revisit and recreate her.