♡ January
- stargazing
- photo albums
- deep thoughts
- loves 80's music & movies
- infinity scarfs

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♡ February
- oversized hoodies
- messy hair
- loves cuddles on the couch
- rom-coms
- quirky love notes
- hopeless romantic

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♡ March
- strong coffee
- dark chocolate
- loves documentaries
- moody
- secretly kinda insane
- intelligent conversations

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♡ April
- rainy days
- open windows
- piles of books
- blogger life
- always ready for coffee
- actually knows what brunch is

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♡ May
- flower crowns
- plays ukulele
- loves thrifting
- wearing flowy dresses
- loves nature
- cute glasses

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♡ June
- beach waves
- freckles
- addicted to sun
- adventurous
- loves being active
- probably can surf
- has the best Instagram feed ever

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♡ July
- bonfires & sparkles
- dancing late at night
- iced lemonade
- laughter
- picnics
- running barefoot
- free spirit
- drives to fast
- forever young

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♡ August
- graffiti
- Wreck This Journal
- doesn't take advice from anyone
- has piercings and tattoos
- dyed hair

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♡ September
- notebooks
- scribbles
- cardigans
- scented candles
- loves the smell of books
- overthinks everything

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♡ October
- pumpkin spiced everything
- sassy
- dramatic
- fancy coffee
- scary when angry
- fall and Halloween
- likes nice things

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♡ November
- knitted sweaters
- candid smiles
- plaid button-ups
- indie music
- soft aesthetics
- always puts cream and sugar in coffee
- have a bullet journal

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♡ December
- warm smiles
- fresh baked cookies
- Christmas is her fav holiday
- hugger
- loves talking a lot
- loves everyone
- mature
- enjoys cold weather

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