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Name : Matthew Petterson
Age : 26
Birthday : February 3th, 1993
Zodiac sign : Aquarius
Birthplace : San Francisco, CA, USA.

Little biography

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Matt born in a warm home, with lovely parents and two sisters, he is the oldest. He grew up playing guitar for his mom, and sharing his time with his friends. Sadly, the he had 15, his mom die. So, he stopped playing guitar and He became depressed, now he was another broken boy in this world. We met at the university, when we were 20. He was the classic mysterious boy but, without being strange, many girls liked him, but, fate led us to cross and I can say that Matt is not a 'bad boy', behind Of all that shell there is a talented, sweet boy with a big heart.


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He has curly brown hair, clear skin and green eyes. His hands are big with a little tattoo. he is average weight, being at least 6'2 tall.


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He loves black and jeans. He likes to look great a simple shirt, skinny or regular jeans, sneakers or boots.


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He looks like a bad boy, he try to stay as a mysterious guy. But inside, He feel lonely and worried all the time. He misses his mom, and doesn't like be a sad boy, but at the same time he tries to be better and good for him and for us. He is kind and funny, sensitive and loyal.


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He likes play guitar (he did it again after we started our relationship), He loves takes photos and drink a good Coffe while he is with good company or just looking his instagram, He likes do new things with me, go to different places, and spend time with his friends.

Dreams & Goals

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He wants to be a musician, loves listen and make new music. He also would love to be recognized like a professional photographer. He has such talent, is an artist!

Favorite shows

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He likes The Simpson & Brooklyn 99.

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