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i know that school just started for most people (to the people who haven't yet y'all lucky) i decided we should post what we listen to during school. i know it sound weird but isn't it great if we just share our playlists. anyways enough of my rambling here's what i listen to.

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♬ No Ordinary Love- Sade
♬ Sink into the Floor- Feng Suave
♬ Honey, There's No Time- Feng Suave
♬ Honey- Kehlani
♬ The Less I Know The Better- Tame Impala
♬ Buttercup- Jack Stauber
♬ Prom Queen- Beach Bunny
♬ prom dress- mxmtoon
♬ 2009- Mac Miller
♬ New Flesh- Current Joys
♬ Lo Que Siento- Cuco
♬ See You Again- Tyler the Creator, Kali Uchis
♬ Best Part- H.E.R., Daniel Caesar
♬ Sunflower- Rex Orange County
♬ Best Friend- Rex Orange County
♬ Teenage Dream (Glee Cast)- Darren Criss
♬ i wanna be your girlfriend- girl in red
♬ Pretty Girl- Clairo
♬ Falling for U- Peachy!, mxmtoon
♬ Airplane Mode- Limbo
♬ Loving is Easy- Rex Orange County, Benny Sings

There y'all go

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