Hi! Today, we are writing a new article about blogging. Indeed, we have been having a blog for almost 3 years, and we wanted to share some tips with you to start one. We hope you’ll enjoy this article!

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  • Chose a plateform.

There are many platforms where you can start a blog for free. We write on Wordpress, and for us, it’s the best platform ever. You can use many tools for free, you can personalize your blog and add many things on it. But, what is perfect for us isn’t for you! Search other opinions on internet about different platforms. And finally, start your blog on a platform where you can be as free as you want!

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  • Schedule your articles.

To attract people, you have to be regular. It’s the most important thing. So, do you want to have and KEEP your audience? Settle your articles. If your day off is the Saturday, then, write and publish at least one article this day, every week!

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  • Have a rescue plan.

What does it mean? Imagine that you are writing an article every Saturday but one day, you have two article ideas. Write both but don’t publish both articles. Keep one for an other Saturday, when you are going to be too busy to publish. It’s what we called « a rescue plan ». With this tip, your audience won’t never know that you were too busy to write!

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  • Don’t stay focused on a specific subject.

Your blog is dedicated to make up, but today you want to write about the last book that you read last week? Write about it. Don’t fix you limits about your blog, it’s the worst thing to do. If you want to talk about different subjects, well, do it! Your blog is like you diary, and if you don’t feel comfortable on it, your audience will feel it too!

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  • Interact with your followers.

It’s super IMPORTANT! Don’t hesitate to add some questions in your articles to encourage your audience to communicate with you. It matters, because if you create a link with your audience you are going to make it grow!

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