Hey lovies! Today I want to share a few ways to educate yourself easily. I got all these ideas and motivation because of a recent event.

Here you can read about it:

Well, now lets start with my list

1. Online courses

You won‘t belive me how many (free) online courses there are . You only have to pay a little amount if you want to have the certificate at the end of your course ,but if you don‘t you can access the whole course without paying a cent. Some of the websites I recommend are coursea and edx

2 .Learn a new language/invest more time in the languages you are learning

So, this is something I wanted to do for a while and since I‘m on summer vacation I have more than enough time and I don’t want to waste all of it anymore. I recommend using an app like dualingo or a site like Memrise. Listening to music or watching series in that language can also be very helpful

3. Read (more)books

Not only novels but also more educational books . I for example read steve jobs book and now I am rading sophie‘s world which is about philosophy and very interesting I really recommend it. Sometimes it is good to push yourself to read books you usually woudn’t sometimes you get suprised and actually like the book in a way you woud not have expected.

3. Podcasts

I just recently got into podcast bc I used to hate them. It‘s all about finding a good podcast with a good moderator that talks in a way that interests you.I have only listend to a few but I would love you to hear about you podcast recommendation and reviews ! My current favorites are the „The Daily“ (sums up political events in a very good and interesting way) ,TED talks daily and Today explained . I also tried a lot of entertainment podcast like David Dobrik's, Ashley graham's or RuPaul's but the episodes are just too long to hold my attention and I get quite bored after a while even though I actually like those people.

4. Subscribe to newsletters/-channels

This is a good way to keep yourself updated if you are not someone that checks news frequently. There are endless news channels that offer a daily/weekly newsletter. If you never check your email like me try to combine this with your favorite apps eg when you love instagram follow a new channel like bbc our the daily on there or if you love snapchat there are great news stories that sum the events up pretty well. If you want a seperate app for news I would recommend buzzfeed ,because they also offer other services like quizzes . (I have limited storage so combined these and buzzfeed is the perfect app to do that )

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Thanks for reading, If you have questions, suggestions or just simply need someone to talk to please feel free to contact me.

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