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I'm going to describe what my oc Vaya's life would be like if she were a student at Hogwarts.

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Ilirå "Vaya" Mikkelson

Although her birth name is "Ilira", she's changed her name to "Vaya", in order to express her rebellion against her parents, with whom she doesn't have a good relationship.

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Vaya has fair skin, long blond hair and piercing grey eyes


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At first, Vaya comes across very cold and harsh, but her friends know how fierce and strong she is. She's got a reputation of being dangerous and especially first years are scared of her, but when you've earned her trust, she's very supportive.


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Vaya is from a town in the north. Her father's a muggle and her mother's a witch whose family disapproves of muggles. Vaya's rebelliousness has caused her to fall out with her parents and her older siblings.


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white wolf

Favourite Places

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Vaya often sneaks out to wander the quidditch grounds at dawn. She also likes to sit in the clock tower and look at the castle from above. Sometimes she even climbs on the roof.

Favourite classes

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Vaya's great at flying and star of the slytherin qidditch team, because she takes risks the other players aren't willing to take. She is fascinated by astronomy, too.

Favourite spells

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Vaya has often been in trouble for using forbidden or morally grey spells.


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Vaya's snow owl Akephalie follows her everywhere, if she's not busy picking up love letters from a certain hufflepuff.


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the sting of freezing air, black coffee, burning candles and the soft scent of rowen's sweaters.

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