Hello :)
I was thinking about doing some article and today I came across this:

I haven't made an article where I talk more about myself so I was thinking I might do that now so you can learn some new things about me. Here we go!

Enjoy! :)))

1. my age
22, birthday, and birthday card image
in december I am turning 23
2. how tall I am

158 cm / 5'2 feet

3. siblings

I am an only child.

4. haircolor
hair, hairstyle, and blonde image bangs, black, and casual image
natural blonde
5. idea of my dream date
couple, goals, and boy image couple, park, and seoul image
taking a walk in a park, talking, listening to music, laughing, something simple
6. pets
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I don't have any :( but if I did then I would definitely want a dog, preferably an American pitbull terrier or Weimaraner
7. my favorite movie
anna popplewell, georgie henley, and narnia image
without any doubt: The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - it's my childhood and I get chills every time I see it
8. what I am craving right now

a person I can be close with and share everything...eeer how do they call it? soulmate? :D

9. social media networks I am using
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10. favorite season
winter, snow, and road image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
winter :)))
11. favorite animal
beach and horse image Temporarily removed
horse <3
12. my best hairstyle
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currently I have shorter hair with bangs and I like it very much, I also like when I have braids or a simple hairstyle
13. tattoos
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I don't have any (yet) but I was thinking about something simple and meaningful at the same time, it can be a quote or something little, I was also thinking about a watercolor tattoo
14. school

I am at university studying an European public administration, I am finishing my bachelor degree right now and continuing to study masters in September

15. how do I like my nails done
nails, beauty, and nail art image simple, summer, and daisies image
I like something simple and cute and I always do my own nails, I have never had fake nails before (and don't plan to)
16. dog or cat person
dog, animal, and autumn image dog, animal, and cute image
I am definitely a dog person!
17. tea or coffee
coffee, tea, and cup image coffee, heart, and forest image
both, I drink a cup of tea every morning and a cup of coffee before lunch
18. favorite movie franchise
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Marvel Cinematic Universe <3
19. favorite vacation
travel, summer, and Greece image cliffs, galway, and green image
my two favorite vacations were in Greek islands Crete and Kos and in Ireland
20. thoughts on kissing
couple, love, and kiss image love, couple, and kiss image
very intimate thing between two people who love each other, I don't think you should kiss someone with whom you don't share feelings
21. my kind of style
fashion, style, and sweater image fashion, style, and black image
very simple & minimalist - high waisted jeans, sneakers, t-shirts without printing, jean and leather jackets, cute back packs, natural & earthly colors
22. thoughts on soup
artisan, food, and travel image food, yumii, and nourriture image
like it, I eat soup almost every day
23. favorite cuisine
pizza, food, and italy image canon, cuisine, and explore image
Italian & Greek
24. have I ever met a celebrity

Yes, some from my country (Slovakia) from the show Slovakia Is Looking For A Superstar (something like The Voice or X Factor) and also some people from a christian music industry such as Jeremy Camp, Jake Hamilton, Four Kornerz, Rivers & Robots, some people from Bethel - Amanda Cook, Jeremy Riddle, also some christian missionaries and evangelists - Todd White, Daniel Kolenda, Reinhard Bonnke (lol I wouldn't call them celebrities but they are in my heart and are very important people I look up to)

25. countries I have visited

I have been in many places (Greece, England, Ireland, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, Czech Republic, Hungary, Monte Negro) and want to visit many other (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, New Zealand, Iceland, Germany, Russia, Israel, Poland) but the most important thing is to be there with my friends or family

26. am I sarcastic
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I have my own sense of humor but yeah, I can be very sarcastic
27. met someone new lately?
girl, friends, and travel image Image by Cibelly
yes, a few people during this summer but I deepened some friendships with people I already know
28. kind of music I listen to
Image by Mallie arctic monkeys, music, and grunge image
rock, indie, alternative rock, indie rock, hard rock, metalcore
29. big or small city
autumn, fall, and leaves image aesthetics, city, and house image
something in the middle, I live in a town with around 250 000 citizens and I like my town very much
30. my job

I don't have a stable job yet only part time jobs such as working in a bookshop, cleaning houses, selling tickets on movie festivals, translating some things or I also volunteer on music festivals. In a future I am looking for something where I will work with and/or for people, travel and write and translate.

Thank you so much for reading this article! :) Hope you liked learning new things about me. Till next time. :*

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