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Rowen Arquez

he doesn't have a last name in my story (it's a medieval fantasy set in a fictional country), so i just made one up for this

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brown curls, olive skin, eyes a mixture of brown and green, muscular, 1.85 m


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rowen always has a smile for everyone. although he can come across as naive, he has a practical cleverness to him. he makes sure that everyone around him is happy and can sense when something is off. he has a special talent for saying the right things to cheer people up.


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rowen was born in the scottish highlands. his parents are spanish, so he and his two smaller sisters are bilingual. his sisters, who are 5 and 7 years younger also attend hogwarts.


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golden retriever

Favourite places

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rowen takes every chance he gets to go out to hogsmeade with friends and enjoys sitting on the hallways and windowsills chatting and laughing.

Favourite class

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rowen loves herbology, he has a green thumb and is professor sprout's favourite. he also excels in care of magical creatures and spends a lot of his free time with the animals.

Favourite Spells

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rowen has a habit of conjuring flowers to cheer others up.


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rowen owns a grey rat named golja. it's got a white belly and likes to hide in rowen's chest pocket.


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To rowen, amortentia smells like the fields around his home, chocolate, the greenhouse and a certain slytherin's hair.

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