I have been living in Austria, more specifically in Salzburg, for a year already and frankly, I have no idea where did the time go. I have learned a lot more about myself and have achieved so much, that I can only say I am extremely happy with my life and I am excited for the next years too!

What has been going on this year?

1. Became an independent person;

On the long way to Austria - as my parents first drove me all the way here - I had plenty of time to reflect and think about how my life was going to be in a country where I hadn't known anyone. I was nervous, but I knew that I was not the only person taking such a big step. I knew that I would meet new people and everything was going to evolve naturally.

I love the fact that I had not let go the opportunity to start my life from the very beginning without my parents help. This decision turned out to be the best I have ever taken so far!

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2. Made valuable friendships;

I feel so lucky having met so many great people! Here is where I have also met my two other best friends (one Greek and the other Slovakian). I am extremely grateful having them in my life, as they have always been there for me whenever I needed an advice. We use to spend a lot of time together, going to classes together (I am lucky enough that we live in the same building - coincidence or not I am even happier because of that), we go for a coffee or eat lunch after classes, or we just meet, talk or travel. One of them also got engaged in the meantime and I am going to be her bridemaid! <3

With them I have attended the best parties ever and spent the Wednesdays Nights in the bars and clubs dancing until 5 in the morning. The best memories I have with them are the times when we had to walk for an hour from the city centre back to our place at 5 in the morning :D (in Salzburg the last night bus is at midnight).

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3. Studying something I am passionate about

I am majoring in EU Studies. Politics, Economics and Law may seem boring, but during my Master Program I have learned to love them. My professors teach in a way that they make you fall in love with the subject as well, which I enjoy a lot as I used to struggle with studying back in my home country. Therefore, my grades are also damn good. I have never had such great grades before.

I have learned how to balance my social life with my studying sessions and let me tell you, it is not impossible.

Set your goals. Work for it. Study for yourself. If you know what you want, then you can work your way there! The road, let me tell you, is a great journey as well! Enjoy the way and learn through failures. Nothing is easy, you just have to engage yourself in this journey and embrace the hardships on the way. If you fall, that is totally okay! Get up and keep walking! :)

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4. Salzburg is the place where I have met my love;

It happened so unexpectedly, but I am extremely grateful that I found my person. Frankly, I have always been sceptic when it came to love. Never believed in it or thought I will ever fall in love. This was never a part of my plan. Life, however, is not going always as you plan. I am happy and thankful that I have met him and that now he is part of my long journey as well. I am only looking forward to other adventures that we are going to go through together! :)

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- Siggi