Hi! because it's summer, I wanted to write a article that has to do with summer. So I thought of a body goals article. Remember everyone is beautiful with their body!! This article I wrote is just what I think are goals to get with a workout or eating healthy, it also is kinda a motivation to go the gym for me ♥♥♥


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for me the goal for your belly is a flat, tight belly, but you don't have to see Sixpack by a woman.


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the goal for the buttocks is for me not too big, round and nice smooth.


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the goal for my legs is lean and muscular legs, but my build makes this pretty difficult.


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I don't really have a goal for my breasts, I am happy with how they are. But it remains beautiful if they are not too big and come out nicely in shape in a bikini


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a tan is an absolute goal for me for a summer body. I think it's nice if you have a nice brown color with not too many tan lines. I also like it if your whole body has the same uniform color.


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And in the end it is naturally beautiful for your entire body if everything together is beautiful the way you want it. For me this is a flat stomach and muscular legs.


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At the end I wanted to give you some tips for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy body!

- Drink enough water !! this is very important for your body and also your face! 2 liters per day
- Eat fruit !! You may not like every type of fruit and not every type of fruit is good, but there are very good types of fruit! eat 2 pieces a day!
- Take your rest !! rest and sleep are also good for your body, be aware of doing this and never be too busy.
- Meditate !! What is also very good is meditation, this is also a kind of rest, but if you suffer from stress this is very useful. half an hour / hour is enough per day!

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I hope you liked this article, and that you still know that your body is beautiful just the way it is. Would you like to see more of my posts? then follow me!