Remember when you were thirteen
All you cared about was your favourite cartoon on television and cupcakes in your tiffin box
Superheroes were real and the solar system had nine planets
Being alone was scary and not what you desperately wanted
And choosing the ice cream flavour was the most difficult decision to be made

And one day you see a face
And feel something
Not the feeling you get when you watch your favourite cartoon or eat the cupcake from your tiffin box
Not even the feeling you get when you watch your favourite cartoon while eating cupcake and ice cream
And then suddenly
In an extremely boring history class
Your friend sitting beside you
Whispers into your ears
You are in love

And you realise two things
That you don't realise what is happening and you are now sixteen
Even before you convince yourself
Your friends are convinced that you are in love
And friends being friends
They set fire to this wonderful feeling of yours
And magic
Everyone now knows you are in love

Your friends ask you to go and tell her
You don't
They force you
You don't
They call you names
You don't
And then
One night you watch a coming of age romantic comedy film and gain enough courage to tell her that you love her
And just about when you were going to tell her
You ask your friend to go and tell her you love her

She says no
She doesn't even know you
You are not her type
The last time you heard the word type
Your computer teacher was explaining what you do with a keyboard

You feel something
Not the feeling you get when nobody picks you in their team to play cricket
Not the feeling you get when the science teacher insults you in front of your classmates
And suddenly a voice tells you
You are heartbroken

You are sad
You lock yourself in a room
You want to be alone
You start hating yourself
And then one day
You write a poem
And listen to punk rock
You write another poem
And listen to heavy metal
You smile for the first time in a long time
You watch movies
And smile a bit more
You read books
And smile a bit more
You make people laugh
And smile a bit more
You love what you are doing
You love what you have become

Suddenly you realise
You are twenty five now
And whatever you are now
Began at sixteen
With the love that never happened you are happy
And you smile

Because falling in love
is actually rising