Eye makeup is an essential part of a bride’s entire look (we all knew that!!!). It can, and it should reflect your personality. Whether it is strong black kohl lines eyes or soft smokey brown, your eye makeup tells it all!

In my 15 years of experience as a Makeup Artist, I have tried to be different with every Bride. I take the word “Artist” very seriously and want to create looks that are bespoke. I am also an intuitive and spontaneous artist. Therefore, I have the biggest Makeup Kit as compared to all makeup artists in Chandigarh and trinity (LOL!!), Simply because I don’t have a pre-planned look for a Bride. every color, every stroke comes almost spontaneously to me and I keep following my intuition to see where it leads me The final result has always been Stunning (Thank God !!)

I meet al Brides beforehand to understand their likes and requirements BUT I can’t tell them EXACTLY what colors I would use on them. I JUST CAN’T !! Thankfully all of them have been kind enough to trust me and also have been very satisfied with my work! (check my wedmegood reviews and you’ll know lol !!)... Read More at www.tanvikgmakeup@gmail.com