hi its .... I'm here today to tell you a little about myself and basically tell you who I really am. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the aged of 10 but none of that makes a difference, not one thing chances the type of person I am. yea I get that being a diabetic has probably helped me come over my fears but overall made me think about the human life and its importance. injections + the feel of getting hypos that no one but a diabetic will understand but lets skip all that coz really its not that important .I would say I'm kind of moody lol , but with that I care a lot about people and some see that and no matter how many things I get "you don't care " from people I don't really care coz I know me and they don't. it doesn't really mean if I don't show people my care I'm cold-hearted coz ik me and that's enough. that's only because there are lots out there that cant show people their feelings and cant open their hearts. and again this isn't called cold- hearted or being selfish but its more like wanting some privacy. there have been times that I've been unable to understand myself and my feelings. I've been always complaining about the fact that I'm not really good at understanding thing either that is in school or everyday things. I see myself as not being normal lol idk why but I just feel like its probably because I'm paranoid.

  • this is my first article , you might find it stupid and boring cause I do too lmao but don't judge *