It was the end of summer, even though the weather seemed to gather all possible forces to deny it.

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She left her house in the early morning despite the hung-over. It wasn't only about the alcohol from last night. She's had enough. She's had enough of everything. Lovers, the beggining of work next week, her friends.

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8 a.m.
At that time she was approaching the local grocery store, one of many in this town. For her though, it was this store, it belonged to her somehow. The place looked like a dark green-painted huge garage. Noone would ever like it and that was exactly why she did.

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As she came in, she immediately felt the warm air inside. It seemed very cozy there after that 10 minute walk in the rain. She didn't take umbrella with her - she probably didn't care about getting wet that morning. She came there to grab no more than two things. When opening the door, she heard some melody which was familiar to her - LP's Girls Go Wild was playing on the radio. She stopped at the entrance.
She was amazed and too afraid to move. She felt it.

To be continued