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What is your character's personality?

Kailani has always been very mature since she was just a kid. She's a very understanding and thoughtful person. She always tries to put herself in someone else's shoes to look at things from a different perspective in every situation. She's also very intelligent, strong, independent, and hardworking. She's in the top 2% in school. She's also very generous, just like her mother.

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Kailani looks like she has a calm and quiet personality. People who don't know her would think that she is tenderhearted, because she seems gracious and smiles a lot. But most of the time, it's only out of politeness. It's not that she's fake or something, she just unconsciously prevents herself from showing her true feelings and has MAJOR trust issues.

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She tends to stay out of trouble and mind her own business. She looks like she doesn't care about what others think of her, but she actually cares a lot and it makes her feel insecure sometimes, although she never shows it. She almost never shows that she's angry, she usually keeps it to herself or vents her anger in front of her best friends. But if someone dares to disrespect her, her family, or anyone she cares about, she'll become the savage, cold-blooded bitch she actually is. And once you get on her bad side, you'll always be the enemy in her eyes. But she's actually kind and caring, she'll also stand up for people who get treated unfairly. She can be the princess people expect her to be, but she can be meaner than the meanest girl when she wants to.

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