Hello all! I thought I would put up some songs that I've been enjoying right now, as I love to find new music, and find it super helpful when I find music from other people on this app! without further adieu, here they are~

Mary ~ (Sandy) Alex G

mary's the girl that i want to kiss / she's got big red eyes and big red lips

red, love, and couple image tongue, lips, and mouth image

Crazy for You ~ Best Coast

want to hate you but then i kiss you / want to kill you but then i'd miss you

Image removed girl, retro, and summer image

White Ferrari ~ Frank Ocean

i'm sure were taller in another dimension / you say were smaller and not worth the mention

frank ocean image space, dark, and aesthetic image

Elise ~ The Greeting Committee

i'm losing my mind, swore it wouldn't happen this time / but if love makes you stupid, you're making me the biggest fool you'll ever find

room, bedroom, and movies image Temporarily removed

Dark & Handsome ~ Blood Orange

losing touch of everything i know / praying for my heart to turn to stone

rain, grunge, and blue image rain, light, and art image

I Wouldn't Ask You ~ Clairo

ice cold baby, i'm ice cold / you're the only one who can make me thaw

rose, night, and moon image Temporarily removed

Kingston ~ Faye Webster

it's the thought of you that likely scares me / but it takes my breath away, forget what i was gonna say

body, dress, and fashion image Temporarily removed

Darling ~ Christian Leave

i don't think about you all the time / but when i do, it's a dream come true

love, couple, and art image flowers, yellow, and rainbow image

we fell in love in october - girl in red

don't bother looking down, we're not going that way / at least know i am here to stay

clouds, glitter, and aesthetic image blue, summer, and ocean image

I Felt Your Shape ~ The Microphones

i held on tight and closed my eyes / it was dumb; i had no sense of your size

art, hands, and aesthetic image theme, aesthetic, and rp image

Cottage Roads ~ The Walters

ill be the man, the man of your dreams / if you say yes and be the woman i need

Abusive image hands, aesthetic, and love image

Time Machine ~ WILLOW

baby if i had a time machine, id go back to 1993 / maybe i would play with kurt cobain, maybe i would be on mtv

Temporarily removed Image by SOFÍA