Let's be honest: social media anxiety can harm seriusly your mental health and influence your daily life.

When we open socials we are overwhelmed by thousand pictures of people enjoying their life, showing their perfect bodies, their talents and how lucky they are to realizing their dreams and they seem so happy.

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Surely they have the right to show you how satisfied tey are with their own stuff so the problem is when you start comparing your life to their, everything seems wrong, you start thinking that your life should be like them, constantly travelling, hanging out with friends and going to gym.

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This causes me a big anxiety and it makes me feel sad and unable to do nothing, I mean everybody seem so perfect but then I think of me and my achivements seem never enough.
I knoe ti's my problem and not of the people who post this stuff so in order to decrease this insane cycle I don't use the phone immediately after I wake up in the morning and I am also trying to avoid using it when I feel bored, especially in this time of the year where I don't have nothing to do.

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Have a nice day