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Changed it up a little by adding some of my own questions

  • Basic Info

What's My Name?
Angel Mariah

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What's My Age?

What's My Gender?

Where Do I live?

baseball, colorado, and grunge image baseball, rockies, and colorado rockies image

What's My Height?

What's My Sexuality?
Pansexual but I have a boyfriend

What's My Partners Name?

What Languages Do I speak?
English and very tiny little bit of French and Spanish

What Do I Like About Myself?
My dark hair, eyes and eyebrows

What's My Eye Color?

makeup, eyes, and beauty image brown eyes, brown, and eyes image

What's My Hair Color?
Dark Brown

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What Are My Hobbies?
Any type of art, photography, cutting hair(I’m licensed), playing with my cat, writing.

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What Are My Interests?
Music, art, animals, hair, photography, reading, traveling, We Heart It, eating.

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What Do I Want To Become?

  • Favorites

What's My Favorite Video Game?
Candy Crush is the only game I play

What's My Favorite Food?

food, fries, and potato image

What's My Favorite Drink?
Cherry Pepsi

What's My Favorite Clothing Item?
My favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans

What's My Favorite Color?
Maroon and Navy Blue

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What's My Favorite Movie?
Bohemian Rhapsody

What's My Favorite Tv Show?

favourite, follow, and blogger image funny, tv show, and frasier image tv shows, frasier, and niles image gif and frasier image

What's My Favorite Subject?
I liked Digital Media when I was in school

Who's My Favorite Musical Artist?
Balance And Composure

sun, moon, and angel image boy, guy, and live image

What's My Favorite Holiday?
The 4th Of July

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  • This Or That

Single OR Taken?
Happily Taken

couple, love, and hands image holding hands, dpz, and love image couple, holding hands, and in love image Image removed

Pepsi OR Coke

Pepsi, heart, and drink image

Dog Person OR Cat Person
Both but I have a cat

Netflix OR Youtube

Temporarily removed

Pineapple On Pizza?

Comedy OR Thriller?

Horror OR Action?
Action for sure. I just watched The Avengers: Endgame. It was awesome

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