Stuff animals or dolls?

baby, bunny, and plushie image Image removed
stuffed animals are cutter.

Pancakes or waffles?

Temporarily removed blueberry, dessert, and food image
definitely pancakes.

Hot chocolate or coffee?

autumn, fall, and candle image chocolate, marshmallow, and food image
hot chocolate

Day or night?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

Text message or call?

aesthetic, pink, and nokia image Image removed

Summer or winter?

theme, themes, and asthetic image fashion, city, and fall image
winterrr, I love cold

Love or money?

Image by Sasscia couple, love, and kiss image
I like to believe that the world is nothing without love

Boat or plane?

summer, girl, and boat image Image by anaya rupia-ellis
boat <3

Painting or drawing?

art, flowers, and paint image art, aesthetic, and painting image

Reading or writing?

Image by Jae Seu Min yellow, August, and planner image

Singing or dancing?

dance, girl, and happy image ballet, dance, and ballerina image

T-Shirts or sweaters?

beige, dark, and legs image fashion, style, and outfit image