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This day has been exhausting, too much stupidity hanging in the air right? Can you feel it? Ugh. Also I have allergies and my eye looks like a freaking potato and I am way to sleepy.

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Day 4: Something cool about your family

When I talk about family I have to divide it in two, my dad's side and my mom's side. They are polar opposites from one another and I guess that's cool. I have the best of both worlds y'all...I guess

An important thing is that most of my dad's family is scatter around de US. My dad, my aunt, and one of my uncles live there with my cousins, and in my country I just have one uncle (who is so cool like, we have bonded thanks to our hippiness and chill lifestyle). Because of that I spend most of my time hanging out with my mom's side of the family, and well I also live with her so is just NORMAL for me to do so.

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Anyways I am going to talk about memories I have with my fam so LETS GO

The Beach House mom's side

So one of my aunts used to have a beach house (I don't really know what happened to it but we haven't visit there in a hot minute) and we would go every holiday we could. A cool thing about this fam is that they are PRANKSTERS, I can share with you some of the pranks:

  • I was taking a shower after a day in the pool and the shower has like a window that faces the garage. One of my cousins (Gabriel) threw A WHOLE BUCKET OF ICE COLD WATER at the window as I showered.
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  • All of my cousins and I sleep together in a room filled with beds (bunkbeds and drawer beds), so during the night one of our uncles grab A FUCKING CHICKEN (like an adult one) and threw it inside the room and locked the door...isn't that swell?
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  • We were playing reverse Hide and Seek which basically is ONE person hiding and the rest looking for them, but when you find the person you have to stay hidden with them. One of my cousins (Andres) decided to hid in a fucking tree. We looked for him for a whole hour and then we gave up. Some ate diner, others took a shower, and others (me and Sofi) went outside to hang out with the adults. Suddenly there is a TREE SHAKING (note there was no breeze) and suddenly Andres and Jesus (my other cousin) came down slapping their bodies because ants were attacking them.
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  • Also there was a time we went to the beach house during New Years and we decided to jump inside the pool as the clock stroke 12am.
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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
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