every year i try to start a planner & i always end up either 1. forgetting about it or 2. just giving up on it. today's article is going to be all about how to stay on track & keep up-to-date with your planner. enjoy!

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❝ the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. ❞ ━ Eleanor Roosevelt

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1 | find a planner that suits you

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whether you're starting a planner to organize your life, school, work, sport, or all of the above, there's a planner for you. you can find them at target (where i got mine), walmart, cvs, walgreens, or practically anywhere that sells school supplies. & if you can't find one, you can simply design it yourself! bullet journals are a super fun way to organize your life. here's an article of fun spread ideas if you decide this is the planner you prefer ↓

2 | planning ahead

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whenever i get any information on anything i always write it in my calendar. this is where i go to see when i practice, work, or have an event. writing everything down in the calendar as soon as you know about the event etc. keeps everything organized and helps you not forget anything.

3 | have fun with it

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personalize it with stickers, sticky notes, drawings, etc. to make it your own. make it interesting & unique, the sky's the limit!

4 | tracking

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tracking your habits & mood along with other things can be beneficial if that's something you're interested in. a planner can help remind you to do certain things like tracking if you take your vitamins everyday.

5 | don't stress over it

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i know seeing all of these perfect planners may make you stressed to have your journal be perfect but the reality is if you plan to use it everyday, it's going to get messy. these planners shown are most likely not used 24/7. they are planned out. don't stress too much over perfect handwriting or drawings if you're using your planner daily.

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