this is the third article of my back to school collection! this article is going to be all about my bag-pack must-haves. enjoy!

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⫸ | planner

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i tried starting a planner last year but it only lasted a week or so. this year i'm focusing on it a lot more and actually find myself relying on it from day-to-day so i constantly have it in my bag.

⫸ | charger

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i always bring my charger, except for today but only because i forgot it.

⫸ | ear buds

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i always bring my headphones to listen to music, watch videos & youtube, etc.

⫸ | chapstick

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i keep two chapsticks in my bag at all times. i have the birthday balm dotcom from glossier & also a rose scented vaseline.

⫸ | hair ties

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i keep scrunchies, hair ties & those curly ones (i'm not sure the name) in my bag. i have yet to actually use them though but i still keep them in my bag just in case.

⫸ | highlighters

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i always keep highlighters in my bag, mainly for my planner. i someday want to use them on my notes but i have yet to do so.

⫸ | lunch

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i pack my lunch in a bento box the night before because i'm not a morning person & everything i can do the night before to get more sleep i'll do. i usually pack an apple and some cooked vegetables and sometimes lettuce to make a wrap. i change it up everyday so i don't get sick of the same thing. i also pack another fruit as a snack.

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