hello, my name is alina.

just to give you some idea as to who i am before i start giving you advice, here's a few facts about me :)

im 19 years old, and i live in CO. USA. i graduated high school last summer, and i am about to start my CNA training- a small, but important step towards becoming a nurse. im pretty excited about it, and im really, really glad that i didn't jump right into it the moment i graduated hs.

if you've already graduated or are about to, you'll know that there are tons of people (mostly school admin or teachers) trying to pressure you into going to a four year college, and im here to tell you, you dont have to.

you are, or are about to be an adult. you can do whatever you want, and i know how scary or weird that might seem. your future is in your hands, not dictated by the homework you have to do tonight or football game you might attend on friday.
some people's parents or family members have been pressuring them into a certain vocation since they were old enough to know what that meant, so the idea of having a lot of control over your future doesn't seem real or like an option. to those people i have to say- YOU DO!!!
there is NO rule book outside of the ones society has placed on all of us since we were born that says you have to graduate, go to college (get into a ton of debt), find a job that applies to the thing you went to college for, pay off your debt while trying to pay for a house, insurance, phone bills, social security ect. ect. ect... on top of all that we are constantly being bombarded by social media about the next fidget spinner or charger protector cutesie toy we absolutely NEED!!! im not saying you can't buy that stuff or even that you shouldn't, but that you shouldn't feel the pressure to buy it in the first place.

what im saying is that there's no timeline- life is yours, and yours alone to grab at. you are in charge of your future and the resulting consequences of that future (consequence doesn't necessarily mean anything negative btw).

take your time. be kind to yourself, and don't do something just because it's what kids with your gpa do or what your parents or family members expect. if you cant because of financial reasons, or obligations to sick or disabled family members, i understand. there's a real pressure there that people who are able bodied or financially stable can't understand.

that's why im also saying DONT LISTEN TO YOUTUBERS!!!!!

they post videos titled "HOW TO BECOME SUCCESSFUL ON YOUTUBE" that tells you all you need to do is start a channel talking about what's trending or some other bs (there might be real good videos out there telling you how to do this, im not discrediting them) and the money will start rolling in. it's a very, very small fraction of people out there who can make it and it takes so, so many years that you might not see real growth in numbers and money for a long time. time that you don't have.


they will also try to sell you the false narrative that you are less than or silly for not starting your own business and being a "boss babe". It's not real!!! there are wayyy too many people out there trying to tell young people fresh out of high school or just entering college that working a 9-5 job is a mistake and that "if you're not living your passion, you're not living". this, again, is bullshit.

you might be asking yourself at this point "well why should i listen to you? you're just another person on a social media platform telling me what to do with my future!". and you'd be right.

but here's the catch.

i dont make any money from this, im not trying to sell you coffee that makes you skinny.

im 19, and im pissed because i see my friends, family and people younger and less experienced than i falling into these traps set by people who only want your money.

you don't need to buy that youtubers merch to be a real fan, and you don't need to sell your dreams to please people who honestly couldn't give a fuck.

so, if im not telling you to go to college, and im not telling you to "live your passion", what am i saying?

im saying, for fuck's sake, take your time.

take that gap year. get a job in a shitty coffee shop and become friends with your co-workers who are older and can give you good advice about your future. question why you wanna do what you want to. and if you don't know- GREAT!!! you totally shouldn't know! you're a kid about to become an adult. no one ever has it all figured out, and if you do, message me. tell me your secrets.

you are so so young, and have so much time. fuck people who are 25 and say "god IM SO OLD!1!!!11!!". 25 is young. you're young. you have time. you're young. you have time. you're young. you have time....

instead, listen to your heart, as cheesy as that sounds. train yourself to feel out your gut, usually you already know what it is you want, even if it takes a while for you to understand. go, take that art class and find out you hate water colors but love pottery. watch youtube videos that make you laugh or make you question your morals.
learn something new and make mistakes.

if you really, really want to go to college right after hs- do it! find out that you actually don't really like engineering that much and drop out. don't compare yourself to your older sibling who gets straight A's and has a great job. don't listen to your aunt who is judging you for stupid reasons (she's just super insecure about the fact that she never passed biology 9th grade, it's not you, it's her. really.).

your life has so many possible routes.

you are amazing.

and you will be okay whatever you decide to do or not do. life kind of works itself out, even if you have to go thru weeks or months of hardship.

just please don't ever, ever let anyone decide it for you.

okay, im done giving my unsolicited advice to all you lovely strangers on the internet.



(ps, sorry if i repeated myself or for any spelling, grammar errors. i am just a lowly bean in a coffee shop. it's loud.)