Hiii I saw this tag a few days ago and I was sure I would love to do it so there it is ! I hope you'll enjoy learn more about me ^^

. Remember that I’m french so sorry in advance for bad english


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image bra, bracelet, and dress image fashion, girl, and summer image


creme, sand, and sea image orange, converse, and shoes image black, chanel, and gucci image shoes, pastel, and boots image


couple, despair, and hopeless image rainbow, wallpaper, and quotes image aesthetic, alternative, and hintergrund image meme and fashion image


adorable, awn, and black and white image twilight, forever, and love image bella swan, kristen stewart, and robert pattinson image twilight, edward, and kristen stewart image

Tv shows

selena gomez, alex russo, and wizards of waverly place image alternative, article, and celebrities image bitch and friends image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


food, sushi, and vegan image vegan crossbody bag, vegan leather wallet, and vegan wallet womens image Temporarily removed food image


tea, time, and tea time image Temporarily removed amazing, beach, and mojito image aesthetic, alcohol, and autumn image


bella, bella cullen, and bella swan image bella swan, blood, and book image Image by Nika ( Isabella Marie Swan Cullen ) Image removed


music, pretty, and selena gomez image selena gomez, smile, and selenators image bigflo et oli and bigflo&oli image coldplay and Chris Martin image


dirty dancing, dancing, and dance image Image by Toorkeza dance, dança, and dançando image adidas, body, and gonzales image


Copyrighted image Image removed Temporarily removed style, white, and aesthetic image


couple, beautiful, and boy image rose, winter, and snow image red, crystal, and ruby image Temporarily removed


Temporarily removed Image by Anja Hollaschke noir, animaux, and carnivore image Temporarily removed


African, fashion, and motherhood image miranda kerr, fashion, and model image peace, people, and black and white image galaxy and cross image
twilight, forever, and love image


beach, girl, and flamingo image couple, lovers, and Relationship image blue, girl, and ocean image girl and beach image


aquarius, rising signs, and astrology image aquarius, astrology, and gemini image aquarius, aries, and astrology image aquarius, venus signs, and astrology image

What makes me happy

aesthetic, messages, and text image dove, beauty, and body image Image removed love, pink, and heart image


book, netflix, and lies image netflix, disney, and princess image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
cross image

Thanks for reading ! I loved writing this article so I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you’ll come back ! See you in the next article !