since the show ended and i am watching it again, i decided to make this...

1~how did you discover the series?

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my mom offered me to watch it

2~which house is your favorite (without House Stark and House Lannister)?

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house targaryen

3~who is your favorite character from House Stark?

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robb stark. i mean...

4~who is your favorite character from House Lannister?

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cersei lannister and tyrion lannister

5~which death was the worst?

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nedd's and robb's starks

6~if you could be any of the characters who would you be?

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daenerys targaryen

7~what character development do you like the most?

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daenerys targaryen. she started off as weak, but ended being so strong

8~what is your favorite season?

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the first one, when everything just starts

9~who is your Game of Thrones crush?

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robb stark, obviously

10~who do you think deserved to sit on the Iron Throne?

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jon snow

11~what do you think of the ending?

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not the ending i was expecting. didn't like it at all.