So I wanted to post something quite personal and different, although I know I don't usually post a lot of things here, I had a feeling that maybe this crazy thought of:
"What if there's something that someone who had or have amnesia did/do and could help me or this could help the progress of someone else?" could work Jaja...
So with that in mind, here I am.

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To put some context in this so you can relate or not this tips:
On June 12th of 2018, I got surgery on my brain and spinal cord for my 5-year illness; encephalomyelitis. This disease is characterized by a myelin deficiency, which is the liquid that travels in the spine and helps our movements, without it, the body begins to twist and/or stop moving and the symptoms differ in each person because it is a neuronal disease. In my case created a kind of seizures, but unlike epileptic seizures, after the crisis, my body was completely immobile for weeks or months.
And to put things a little bit simple, this surgery was to help me to don't have those seizures often, and It worked. Yeeeey!
But the problem here is that the principal consequence of the surgery was a GREAT memory loss.

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Me, every time someone says hello to me in a friendly way

It was not completely, but yeah, I forgot some really important things and I couldn't remember them no matter what, like big holes in my memory and in fact of that I friendly called those holes "mental gaps" or just "gaps"

So, although that I got kinda the time to write some important things to my future self after the surgery, I still got it pretty difficult to interact with people that I don't really remember...their...fuck*ng...face...
Or to attend my first year of University, or even live in my own house. So this article is about the things that I did to survive and get some progress after all this mess.

Read a Diary, School notes, Poems or Stories that I have written.

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I think this could help more than just photographs or drawings, but at the same time, it depends on the person.

When I woke up from the surgery a lot of people brought me photos, drawings, paintings, etc. to help me to remember things. And I appreciated that a lot, it helped somewhat, but the thing was that even if I saw myself in the photos or my best friends or my parents o family members I couldn't really get their faces. The most annoying part is that they told or tried to talk about my preferences or my ways and it was like I was hearing a new person that I didn't really know that existed, and that person was me.

but when I get home I realize that I loved to write like a lot in paper and it helped me more than the photos itself. It was like joining the pieces of a puzzle between each note, written paragraph or poem I found.

Do a Daily Out-of-Home Activity with Friends or Family

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This was something I discovered thanks to my therapist/psychologist. One of the best treatments for people with amnesia in addition to medications is that you try to interact as much as you can with people even if it is difficult.
As an example I will use my case: Apparently I applied to an online university for my first career (more for health reasons than anything else) and this causes in some cases that you don't encounter many new people, especially of your same age, so I decided to take a part-time job in a place that was quiet and that would not matter much to deal with a person with amnesia. I will not say that it was easy to find the right place, after all, I was fired from several places because I did not know or did not remember how to do many things (use an oven, mop, cash registers, talk to strangers, manners, simple conversation topics, etc.) but I finally found a place that suited my needs and one where I'm not so scared or stressed.

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I ended up in a Bakery :D

You can also try to go to classes somewhere where they teach music, painting, dancing or even in tutorials for subjects that are difficult for you in college (as they are for me). Or if you don't have the same hermit life as me, just go out with your friends and family and have fun!

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The point is not to stay locked up for many days in your home because that could affect your mental health or your behavior.

Don't Be Too Shy and Ask to Learn More

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It is true, there are people who don't know how to treat a person who forgot too many things overnight, there are people who have no patience with people who ask something "obvious". And I really have to say this, a great disadvantage I must say of having amnesia is that many don't really take you seriously because it's not like we have a sign on our heads saying "Hey, I have amnesia, be nice." Like with other cases of course.
And it is true that it's difficult to deal with people like that and you can feel very bad or like a piece of garbage for not knowing what to do or even get pretty tired or angry for those cases, so I think it's okay to let someone accompany you and explain a little what you have to do or how you should do it (especially in classes omg), it can be a family member or a friend or even a nurse or doctor.

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But there is a point where we cannot depend on the goodness of that person and they cannot be by our side whenever we leave our house or room until death arrives (I discovered it reluctantly, to be honest).
So this is more like a test to take courage and ask strangers or search previously on the internet, in official pages on what to do in places you have not visited to take IDEAS. Ask whenever you have the need, this is about you, not about what people who don't know what you have come to think.

Care about Myself

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Believe it or not, this is totally normal. When you don't remember much of your life, many things look unimportant to you now as it happened to me. It can be appearance, physical health, school grades, relationships with certain types of people, including family members. And you may have felt the same as me, which was a very deep void and you didn't know how to fill it no matter how much you tried to remember or do.
I don't want to lie here and say I'm totally fine now, but I can say that I'm better than before.
My way of coping with that feeling of emptiness in my being was to try everything and literally EVERYTHING again. Going to the beach or climbing mountains, listening to old and new music, starting conversations or finishing some that should have ended years ago (if you know what I mean), I even try to stay a long time without washing my face and hair to know how much I can last or what should I do and at the same time rediscover what was good for me to eat and whatnot. Simply put, I had to learn to pamper myself again and I recommend it whether you have amnesia or not.

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You Don't Have to Be What You Were Before

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This is something I learned recently. But I always felt strange when they said "soon you will be the one before all this mess" or "don't worry, soon everything will return to normal once you remember everything", but admit it, it is normal to say that to a person who is sick or had an accident to calm them down. And I'm not mad at that, I think it's a pretty good gesture so I don't blame anyone or anything anymore.
But I would like to write this for those cases that have come to feel like me that after having progress in memories and basic relationships, there are people who say "you are still not well, you don't act as before yet "or" you would not do that, just ignore it"as if it were a mistake to act as you do and make you feel as if your progress was not really good. Because it is true, there are cases of amnesia that after remembering the memories with certain people or events, they acquire the emotions of those same memories.

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But not all of those cases are like that, some just simply see it as a movie or a video like "it happened, it's fine, there it is" and that's it, there are no emotions, just curiosity, but they are able to continue with their lives (like it happened to me). And then are people who start to feel uncomfortable with your new behavior. But let me say something, that could happen having your memories or not.

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And there is a very great truth that despite trying to remember important things in your life to be ok, it's not necessary to try to be what you used to be before you have it amnesia if YOU really get to a point where you feel good about yourself and you feel that you are well with your progress, be it a lot or a little.

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In the end what I just did was get surrounded with people or beings (there were some pets or new plants too) with which I can feel calm and happy, and learn that memories will come when they have to arrive but I'm not really alone anymore and maybe I never was it as long as I remember ;D (bad joke, ik)

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I really hope that this may lift your spirit a little, give you the courage to do something new, it helped you in some way or I don't know, at least entertained you.
And if you know some another thing that I can do to improve or you just want to talk about it or your thoughts or questions, you are free to do that, I would love to know about more cases even if they're not yours.
Thank you for reading~

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