if Jesse from "the place we made" released an album

title: She Won't Be Coming Back
genre: soft rock
inspiration: self-loathing, indecision, addiction, most intense love of his life
length: 5 songs

boy, freckles, and shoulder image man, nsfw, and photography image aesthetic, art, and brown image Abusive image


red, body, and sexy image bathtub, red, and gaspar noe image
"I wonder where my heart has been, but I don't even need to get drunk to do it again"


Temporarily removed Image by lex clarke
"I'm playing it cool on the outside but inside I'm exploding; she looks even better in my white t-shirt"

Lost Love

flowers, pink, and aesthetic image alternative, flowers, and grunge image
"pink roses down the aisle, now they've dried up and we have too"

I'm Sorry

coffee and book image Image by Charly
"now she's drinking her coffee black and I'm tracing my fingers down another woman's back"

How Dare I

art, flowers, and wall image flowers, art, and painting image
"the paintings on the wall laugh at me now, like how dare I think I could've had it all"