Hi, Hello, Hey! how you doing smirks*… I hope you're doing fine, today I decided to make a list of movies I want to Watch, so it would motivates me to actually do.

A little disclaimer before starting, while reading through this article, you may ask 'what have you been doing with your life?' quite a lot and my only explanation is: i'm lazy like that, shrugs*

Anyways, ENJOY


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Now I know a lot of people didn't like this movie but I don't care I love seeing the visual version of books even if they are not exactly the same.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before:

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Isn't It Romantic

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This movie is what I want my life to be basically.

The Lion King

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Everyone should watch this movie, period.


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I really want to see how it turned out as a movie with real people compared to the animation.

Spider Man: Far From Home

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I loved the first movie with Tom Holland and I'm so excited about this one.


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If it's Jason Momoa, I'm in.

Annabelle Comes Home

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I've watched and loved all of Annabelle's movies and I can't wait to watch this one!

And that concludes this article, I hope you liked it,

Til next time,


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