1. the neighbourhood

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don't tell me about the rules and break them- ferrari, the neighbourhood

if you want aesthetic, listen to the neighbourhood. they have songs for when you're high, songs for when you're sad and anywhere in between.

song suggestions:

1. flawless
2. afraid
3. W.D.Y.W.F.M?
4. 24/7
5. ferrari

2. 5 seconds of summer (5sos)

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no matter where i go, i'm always gonna want you back- want you back, 5sos.

5sos are one of the first bands I've ever properly stanned, their old stuff is kinda like punk 1D but their new stuff is proper pop punk. they're epic, i love them.

song suggestions:

1. lie to me
2. outerspace/ carry on
3. empty wallets
4. wrapped around your finger
5. easier

3. the 1975

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fuck that, get money- somebody else, the 1975

I've been a fan of the 1975 since around 2014 and was lucky enough to see them early past year, and jesus. they where amazing. their first album was emo, fuck all of you, i wanna die, kinda vibe. the second album was all happy neon lights but still kinda sad. third album was social media is destroying the world. the newest album that is getting dropped in 9 days (this is written: 13.08.19) is about how global warming is happening and we need to do something now.

song suggestions

1. love it if we made it
2. robbers
3. fallingforyou
4. milk
5. sex

4. nirvana

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my heart is broke, but i have some glue. help me inhale, and mend it with you- dumb nirvana

one of the main reasons i got into nirvana was my mum, now i love them. they talk about real things in life, what else could you ask in a band?

song suggestions

1. lake of fire
2. polly
3. dumb
4. come as you are
5. on a plain

5. the driver era

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getting high until i fly, now i'm scared of heights- scared of heights.

the drive era is pretty aesthetic, they sound beautiful and are good songs to drive too.

song suggestions

1. scared of heights
2. san Francisco
3. afterglow
4. welcome to the end of your life
5. giveuwhatuwant