You know that moment, when you're craving to wear this crop top even if it's raining outside ?
telling yourself that getting sick is worth it if you can feel good with your outfits?
then you get sick and all you want is to feel comfortable wearing oversized clothes which don't show yourself to your best advantage...

yeah, well sometimes, I'm that girl... and I bet you are too.

Welcome back for this new article.
In this one, I'm going to show you two outfits for each seasons of the year that I really like. I payed attention to not proposing similar inspirations.

I hope you'll enjoy :)


Fact about winter : the snowiest city on earth is Aomori City in northern Japan.
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December 1 to february 28

During winter, it's usually cold. That's why you can wear a big coat, with a turtleneck sweater. These two pieces can perfectly match with a skirt/ panty hose or a jean slim.


Fact about spring : the first spring flowers are typically lilacs, irises, lilies, tulips, daffodils, and dandelions.
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March 1 to May 31

This season is right after winter, but just before summer so it's usually cold and warm. A denim slim or a boyfriend jean with a patterned shirt is very beautiful. If you want to be more simple , you can match a straight pant with a long sleeve crop top witch is very trendy as well.


Fact about summer : more thunderstorms occur during summer than any other time of year.
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June 1 to August 31

On summer days, we mostly wear shorts clothes. You can opt for patterned fluid dresses or high waisted shorts with colorful tops.


Fact about fall : Fall colors are caused by the amount of sugar in leaves.
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September 1 to November 30

Just like spring, fall is between summer and winter. It's still kind of warm, but not enough to wear a single short and a shirt. You can wear a wool jumper or a wool jacket with a pant or a skirt. The most worn colors during fall are red, orange, light brown... which refers to the leaves.

Of course, you can add more style to your outfits with glasses, belts and jewelry.

Thank you for the the time you took reading this, i hope you liked it,
Take care of you x