• Sailor Senshi
  • Student
  • Part-Time Theatre Assistant


red, Devil, and aesthetic image art, beauty, and drawing image aesthetic, beauty, and glam image red and dress image
Arabic. Short brown hair, long legs, thick lashes and brows, high cheekbones.


fashion, girl, and style image skirt, aesthetic, and fashion image bralette, fashion, and hearts image black, boots, and fashion image
dress, gloves, and gown image crown, red, and aesthetic image red, dress, and burgundy image hand, jewellery, and necklace image
As a Princess.

Make Up

beauty, contour, and gold image aesthetic, kiss, and lipstick image red, aesthetic, and lipstick image black, lipstick, and mac image
Contouring, dark lipstick.


monochrome, pale, and quote image red, poison, and neon image love image badge, magick, and pin image
Survivor, sassy, passionate, romantic, outspoken


galaxy, nature, and night image aesthetic, outfit, and fashion image


mermaid, love, and kiss image beach, clouds, and ocean image
Lacey Mataraci / Sailor Mercury
dress, floral, and food image bed, hands, and pale image
Goldie Sorin / Sailor Venus
black, hair, and black hair image legs, sneakers, and summer image
Eleanor Jedynak / Sailor Moon
gang, girls, and pink image fashion, style, and girl image
Teri Barth / Sailor Jupiter
eyes, yellow, and aesthetic image nature, travel, and couple image
Nicki Montgomery / Sailor Uranus

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