favorite princess movie

Temporarily removed disney, frozen, and elsa image ice and ice skating image disney, frozen, and olaf image
since my name is Anna Elsa, frozen it's my favorite disney movie

non princess favorite movie

disney, gif, and neverland image Image by Endless Dream boy, blonde, and hair image aesthetic and alternative image
peter pan the boy who wouldn't grow up

favorite princess

blue, classic, and cold image Temporarily removed Image removed Image by tenderlygirl

favorite hero

disney, tangled, and rapunzel image aesthetic, animated, and character image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It
flynn rider forever

favorite sidekick

mulan image converse, disney, and draw image Temporarily removed art, books, and dragon image
mushu from mulan

favorite villain

aesthetic, angel, and couple image sleeping beauty image Image removed Image removed

favorite character

disney, princess, and funny image disney, funny, and lottie image the Princess and the frog, charlotte la bouff, and disney image Image removed
lottie is my favorite of them all

favorite couple

peter pan, disney, and wendy image Image by Endless Dream aesthetic, books, and dog image Image removed
peter and wendy

favorite song

disney, aladdin, and wallpaper image aesthetic, islam, and mosque image disney, aladdin, and lamp image Temporarily removed
all the aladdin soundtrack, a whole new world, arabian nights, friend like me, prince ali

childhood movie

tree and nature image Image by Bollo disney art image pocahontas, disney, and hug image
pocahontas, and my first crush was john smith

favorite recent movie

coco, disney, and wallpaper image Temporarily removed Image removed mexico image

favorite live action

aladdin, disney, and jasmine image Action, aesthetic, and aladdin image aladdin, genie, and disney image aladdin, disney, and genie image
will smith was just great, and the music was awesome

favorite pixar movie

alternative, caption, and indie image Image by Triana Delvi background, disney, and inside out image inside out and disney image
inside out

first movie

walt disney, disney pixar, and blanca nieves image gif, princess, and snow white image winter, snow, and castle image gold, mirror, and wall image
snow white

favorite dress

aesthetic, beauty, and castle image
best dress ever, sleeping beauty