The end of the day brought with it nuances of pink,
As the daring moon gradually stole the sun its spotlight
The world began to slow and the birds gave their last sky.
All was calm, all was at ease until the moment I began to think.

The first thought came like a whisper,
Like every drunkness starts with a drop of liquor.
Until the whisper became a scream
And the liquor left no cup to fill.

It was a whimper of past times,
Of old loves, of old lies.
A dream so blurry and distant
That all that was left was a feeling of resistance.

For I dared not to forget
And could not put aside
A feeling I thought would last for a lifetime.

But just like the inconstant sky changes colors every night
Like the birds that migrate the world in search of a better life.
All love is unstable,
And all feelings replaceable.

Still, I wonder what we could have been,
If you hadn't left me alone with only my liquor and gin.