This article is about all the concerts I went to in 2019 (so far). This is a continuation because my first part was liked so much (which I didn't expect to be honest).

X Ambassadors

When?: 3rd of May 2019
Where?: Berlin, Germany
Tour: boom. tour

Honestly I must have gone through a time where I was listening to their music a lot because when I checked them out again because of Renegades being popular I knew all the lyrics but nevertheless I love them.

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When?: 5th of May 2019
Where?: Berlin, Germany
Tour: Unlimited

I made new friends there and I met one of them again at the Monsta X concert, they are so nice and I'm glad that I met them. Also my bias and bias wrecker came outside to greet the fans and walked past me less than a meter away! I don't know how I'm still alive actually.

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One Ok Rock

When?: 14th of May 2019
Where?: Berlin, Germany
Tour: Eye of the Storm

One Ok Rock is one of the groups none of my friends listen to so I was sad not "being able" to go see them but then when I was chilling with a friend and played some of their songs she said that she likes it so we went to the concert together and Taka's voice nearly made me cry (and also I loved his outfit).

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When?: 8th of June 2019
Where?: Paris, France
Tour: Speak Yourself

Okay I can't put into words how amazing this concert was and how much it meant to me because I went there with my best friend @moonfely from Spain and BTS is the group which brought us together. I love her so much and I can't imagine my life without her anymore.

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Monsta X

When?: 13th of July 2019
Where?: Berlin, Germany
Tour: We Are Here

This concert was a fu*kin' party (not gonna lie) and Jooheons and Changkyuns solo stage left me dead. The mood of the crowd was sooo good I was shook.

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When?: 14th of July 2019
Where?: Berlin, Germany
Tour: Intimate af

I love this guy and his music since 5th grade (he was the second musician I liked) and it was amazing seeing him on stage again. He was so close! It was intimate af, the tour name fits perfectly.

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When?: 24th of September 2019
Where?: Hanover, Germany
Tour: Zeus

Jay Park

When?: 27th of October 2019
Where?: Berlin, Germany
Tour: Sexy 4eva

The Rose

When?: 5th of November 2019
Where?: Berlin, Germany
Tour: We Rose You


When?: 19th of November 2019
Where?: Cologne, Germany
Tour: VAV Meet & Live