As you may or do not may, I am all into animals, not at least cats (hi crazy cat women!). Last week, a cute little kitten came across my life.

kitten image

One day, he showed up on my work. Someone had found him in the rain in the morning. He shaked and meowed. I immediately took care of him and as I saw him got more comfortable, I got more and more feelings. In the evening, no one had asked och searched for this little guy, so I took him home during the night, gave him cat food, water and a touch of love.

kitten image

The next morning I took him to work once again. After 7 hours, nobody had still not asked for him, therefore I took him home once again and now he has a home at my friend's house. I should have taken him if I did not already had two grown up cats. However, now he got a girl friend named Pixie and they do everything together. Eat, sleep, play and repeat! He could not have a better new home!

Image by Natalie

I am blessed that I can visit Felix whenever I want and because the owner own the stable where I got my horse and where Felix lives. I can see him at least once a week.