inspired by @plastiquetiara

1. how did you first discover her?

Definitely on victorious, my name is ariana too and on the title screen i always aw her and since then i pretty much payed attention to her and been a fan.

2. how long have you been a fan?

sinve victorious so about 2010/2011

3. what is one thing you love about her?

ooooo definitely her sense of humor!!

4. what song do you relate the most to and why?

i wanna say successful because ive definitely gotten places in the past couple of months and trying to work on me as a person and who i am.

5. do you own any ariana merch if so what, if not what do you want?

i own 3 perfumes, a necklace, earrings, makeup, hoodies, a hat, and a sweater. andddd i want all of it lol.

6. which album of arianas is your favorite ?

100% dangerous woman because thats the one with most meaning to me and has helped me through a lot.

7. what do you think is arianas most underrated song?

'i dont care' because it literally has such a great meaning and is just a great song in general.

8. what song song by ariana do you not like that much?

break free ? idkkkkkk

9. do you own a fanpage ?

yes on twitter. @noticemepignoli

10. have you ever met her or went to her concert?

never met BUT ive been to dangerous woman concert and omg it was everythingggg.

k bye guys ;)