tbh, I'm shy and doesn't like talking to people. But being self-confident helps a long way and it gets easier throughout the days.

1.) Think you are as important as other people

People with low self-confidence think that other people are better than them. So think you as equal as the person you see and want to be

2.) Create personal boundaries

Learn to say the word no. Don't let other people control you

3.) Take care of yourself

Take care of your health and wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident

4.) Help others

It makes us forget about ourselves and makes us feel grateful for what we have. It also makes us feel good about ourselves

5.) Don't compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself will only make you feel sad or disappointed. So don't do that, it's bad for you

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Mini tips

Avoid toxic friends
Don't let other people's opinions of you bring you down
Realize that everyone has flaws
Do what makes you happy
Think positively

That is all for today!