Come and get it.

girl, gomez, and selena gomez image red, dress, and fashion image red, dirty, and play image selena gomez, selena, and dress image
"When you're ready, come and get it."

Hands to myself.

selena gomez, hands to myself, and selena image red, lips, and aesthetic image caroline forbes and theme image selena gomez, hands to myself, and black image
"I want you all to myself."

Good for you.

Image by Decemberfeelinggirl fashion, outfit, and style image goals image Abusive image
"Syncopate my skin to your heartbeating"


selena gomez image aesthetic and retro image beach, boy, and girl image selena gomez, fetish, and selena image
"Take it or leave it, Baby take it or leave it."

Like a champion.

selena gomez, love, and stars dance image Abusive image jeans, aesthetic, and blue image Temporarily removed
"Stand up cuz you got that pride."

Bad liar.

selena gomez and selena image fashion, girl, and style image diamonds, jewelry, and necklace image selena gomez, bad liar, and selena image
"Call me an amenity."

I can't get enough.

gomez, gorgeous, and music image hair, style, and accessories image Abusive image Image by Vivi Da Rosa
"We can keep it lowkey."

Me and the rhythm.

selena gomez and revival image Temporarily removed aesthetic, diamonds, and sparkle image babe, beautiful, and blue image
"Everybody wants to be touched, everybody wants to get some."


beautiful, bikini, and famous image Image removed music, vintage, and Pink Floyd image happy birthday, icons, and selena gomez image
"Blow your dreams away with me"

Save the day.

selena gomez image girl, beach, and summer image Temporarily removed selena gomez, selena, and black and white image
"It's the end of the night but the beginning of time for you and I."

The heart wants what it wants.

actress, alex russo, and beautiful image luxury, car, and black image man and style image selena gomez, pain, and sad image
"I know I'm acting a bit crazy, stung out, a little bit hazy."

Slow down.

selena gomez, selena, and smile image drink, friends, and champagne image luxury image club, Darkness, and party image
"Can we take it nice and slow? Cuz I just want to party all night in the neon lights till you can't let me go."

I hope you guys enjoyed this article as much as I did in writing it.
I hope this article inspired you to some extent and I want you guys to remember one thing, like Selena said, 'You have every right to a beautiful life.'

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Here's a collection for all you selenators :

Have an absolutely smashing day !

~ C-chainz

selena gomez and selena image selena gomez, smile, and selena image make up, cantantes, and aesthetic image selena gomez, selena, and selenagomez image
Some of my fav Selena Gomez pictures.