5. Sleep. Go.
Glimpse the sparkle. Corner of the eye.
Just a flash. It's not for you. You get nothing.
That love, it's not for you. You're silly. You're not worthy of any of the things. You get nothing. You weren't built for anything but dissatisfaction.
You were given the chance. You didn't want anything that was ever given to you.
Ungrateful. Should have been thankful. Opportunity knocked and you turned your back. Greatness was for the taking and you hid.
You worked for nothing. Hard. Endless hours. Absorbing. Ignoring. Could have been anything. Became nothing but disappointment.
Anger. Sadness. Can't hide. It's sheen glimmers across the night sky. Blaring in the eyes of the passersby. Not to be escaped.
Will it fail. Roll with it. Will the heart hold. Dice are loaded. No fucks given. This is the moment.
All the words in the world cannot save you. All the sorry, goodnight, I love you, goodbye, all wasted breath. Hot on cheek. Sweet on the lips.
Hold it. It could be great, it could be the last thing you ever feel.
I adore you. It doesn't matter. Flash in the pan. Moments abandoned. Chances thrown into the fire.